IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a safe and effective method for reducing unwanted hair. IPL is a permanent hair reduction method which reduces excess unwanted hair by up to 90%.

IPL treatment is a type of light therapy that utilises a range of wavelengths to target the pigments in the hair.The treatment head delivers a specific range of wavelengths to the treated area, the energy carried by the wavelengths of light penetrates just below the skins surface and gets absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle.

Melanin is the brown pigment found in hairs, skin and the iris of the eye. Light is absorbed by this pigment in the hair follicle causing the hair follicle to heat up and be destroyed without any damage to the surrounding tissue,  by destroying the hair follicle hair growth is significantly reduced.

The skin colour must be sufficiently dissimilar to the hair to enable differentiation by the machine.

Its recommended to have a series of 8-10 treatments to see significant results. Each treatment should be carried out every 4-6 weeks.

*Results may vary from each individual.

Where can i have IPL?
Is IPL painful?
How many treatments will I need?
Will my hair grow back?

IPL Pricelist

AreaSingleCourse of 8
Lip£20£144 (save £16)
Ears£20£144 (save £16)
Hands/Feet£26£192 (save £16)
Forehead£26£192 (save £16)
Nipples£26 £192 (save £16)
Lip & Chin£30£224 (save £16)
Chin & under neck£38£264 (save £24)
Underarms£30£224 (save £16)
Sides of face£30£224 (save £16)
Bikini line £30£224 (save £16)
High Bikini£35£260 (save £20)
Las Vegas£45£336 9save £24)
Brazilian£50£360 (save £40)
Hollywood£60£440 (save £40)
Buttocks£60£440 (save £40)
Chest£50£360 (save £24)
Shoulders£50£360 (save £24)
Lower/upper back£50£360 (save £24)
Full Back£70£510(save £50)
Full abdomen£60£440 (save £40)
1/2 leg£60£440 (save £40)
Full leg£90£640 (save £80)
1/2 arm£45£336 (save £24)
Full arm£60£440 (save £40)
1/2 leg, Bikini & underarm£80£560 (save £80)
1/2 leg, Las Vegas & underarm£90£640 (save £80)
1/2 leg, Brazilian & underarms£100£720 (save £80)
1/2 leg Hollywood & underarm£120£880 (save £80)
Full leg & Bikini£90£640 (save £80)
Full leg & Las Vegas£100£720 (save £80)
Full leg & Brazilian£115£840 (save £80)
Full leg & Hollywood£130£900 (save £140)
Full leg, Bikini & underarm£110£780 (save £100)
Full leg, Las vegas & underarm£130£890 (save £150)
Full leg, Brazilian & underarm£140£970 (save £150)
Full leg, Hollywood & underarm£150£1000 (save £200)
Full body x4 areas£170£1160 (save £200)
Full body x5 areas£190£1270 (save £250)
Full body top-2-toe£260 £1780 (save £300)

*In packages an area can be replaced for another area in the same price bracket.

*Courses of 8 must be paid in 4 instalments, being paid in full by the 5th treatment.

*Once you have completed your course and would like to continue treatment you will be charged a top up price for each area.